Susanna Ciaramitaro

was born and raised in Concord, California, in a solid Christian home. When Susanna was just four years old, she realized her own personal need for a Savior, and so she turned to her dad for help; he then further explained the Gospel – that her sin had separated her from God, and that only through Jesus Christ’s sacrifice could her sin be forgiven. She believed on Jesus Christ and accepted Him as her personal Savior right there in her room.

When Susanna was a bit older, she had the opportunity to attend a church that held fantastic Missions Conferences! One year during a particular Missions Conference, the Lord made it very clear to her that He had plans for her to be a missionary. She was excited to see what God would lead her to do in the future, and looked forward to day that she would serve Him on the mission field. 

Because of this direction from the Lord, Susanna enrolled at West Coast Baptist College in the Fall of 2010, and graduated May of 2014 with a major in Missions and minors in Music and TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages). During her studies there, she taught piano lessons to the students of the music department. She also got the privilege so travel on several tour groups as a pianist. She counts the training and experience she gained at West Coast Baptist College to be invaluable to the ministry that God has in store for her. 

The Lord brought Indonesia to Susanna’s heart in the Fall of her sophomore year, when she was doing research on the different countries of the world and the needs that each held. She was impressed by the incredible need for a gospel witness to the millions there. She began to pray earnestly that when the time was right, God would make it absolutely clear to her what He wanted her to do. 

During Susanna’s senior year of college, she came in contact with BIMI Missionary Brother Phil Lien and his family; through them, she got the awesome opportunity to visit Indonesia. There, she was able to see not only the incredible needs of the country, but also the enormous potential for Indonesians to receive Christ! She saw how God had prepared her for the ministry there – her training in teaching English would be a valuable tool to come in close contact with the local people; her experience teaching piano lessons lined up perfectly with the ministry opportunities abounding there with music teaching.

During this trip, Susanna spent extensive time in prayer asking for the Lord’s direction. She knew that she wanted to serve in Indonesia, but she needed to be completely sure that it was God who wanted her there – she wouldn’t last on her own call! During her time there, God answered her prayers for clarity and gave her complete peace that He wanted her to serve in Indonesia. She was overjoyed that God had given her solid assurance of His plan for her life! She is greatly anticipating returning to serve in the country that she knows God has called her to.

Susanna is privileged to be a part of Baptist International Missions, Inc. She is sent out of Tabernacle Baptist Church in Concord, California. Her home pastor is Pastor Tony Newhouse, and she is looking forward to joining Team Indonesia, partnering with Brother Phil Lien and his family as they plant churches in Indonesia. Every ministry that Susanna is a part of in Indonesia will be directly connected to the church planting ministry there. She cannot wait to be a part of the work God has planned for her.


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Interesting facts…

Favorite Color: pink
Likes: coffee, classical music, birds, tea parties
Hobbies: learning to play new instruments, reading, making jewelry, exploring outside, cooking and baking
Random facts: the third of six children, has a sister with Downs Syndrome, loves practical jokes, eats gluten free


Mailing Address:
1166 Southridge Ct.
Concord, CA 94518

Phone: 925.348.0018


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